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Market research reports

Some commercial market research reports are included in library databases.  Because these reports are expensive, the Library does not purchase individual reports. 

Key databases

Competitive analysis

Resources for pre-packaged reports for companies discussing market size, share, financial position and key competitors.

Consumer analysis

Library databases and resources that provide demographic, psychographic and behavioral data.

Key databases

Consumer profiles

Industry analysis

Resources for industry trends, concerns, major players, statistics.

Key databases

Industry statistics

Industry codes

Additional resources & assistance

Research assistance is available in-person and on the phone at the Research Help Desk on the 1st floor of the Library Addition.

  • Phone: 619-594-6728
  • Email:
  • More options: Ask Us 24/7

Video Tutorials

Additional resources

Tips for better Google results

Both Google & Google Scholar


phrases - same words in same order

“your phrase in double quotations”

compound words - when you’re not certain if one word or two

(“health care” OR healthcare)

wildcard - placeholder for any unknown term (word or number)

"evidence based" ** practice

number range - results contain numbers in the range

1990..1999 AND ("native american" OR "american indian") AND poverty

terms in the document title

    intitle:”human trafficking”

Google, Google News, Google Images, Google Books

Limiting Page Results


No spaces between the limit and search terms. Use a minus sign to remove a site (ex:

define:hipster        limits results to pages with definitions

filetype:pdf AND ebola    limits pages with specified file type (pdf, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, dwf, ps, kml, kmz, swf) AND ebola    limits results to pages from the domain        results included cached version of page, pages that link to site, similar pages        pages that link to the page        pages that are similar

Finding Specific Information Types


News & News Archive

  • Google search box > yourterms > News for current computer generated headlines

  • Google search box > yourterms > News > Search tools > Recent > Custom range for articles from 2003

  • Google search box > yourterms > News > Search tools > Archives for articles prior to 2003

  • Go to for top headlines in 11 categories and 70+ regional editions

  • Go to > down arrow for Advanced news search for more search options



  • Google search box > yourterms AND blog

  • Google search box > yourterms > News > Search tools > All news > Blogs



  • Google search box > Images > Search tools for size, color type, time, usage rights

  • Go to > Settings > Advanced search for size, color type, time, usage rights

  • Go to > Camera icon > Search by image by url or uploading an image, a good way to check for appropriate use



  • Go to to search full text of books--free, borrow, buy.