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Why Books?

In Evidence-Based Nursing, there are two types of questions that are often asked: background questions and foreground questions. Background questions are often asked by those who are new to the field or a topic and need to know what's already well-documented.

Books compile a lot of known information into one place to provide an in-depth overview of a topic. You often learn the history and evolution of topics and practices. Books are your primary resource as you learn the basics or need background information.

Subject Headings

Books are indexed in our catalog using Library of Congress subject headings. This is a controlled vocabulary system that allows books on similar topics to be grouped together

Often, you will find a few more books on your topic simply by going to find ONE book you have the call number for. This is called serendipitous discovery and is why browsing the shelves can be very useful when doing research. 

The nature of the internet does not allow for serendipitous searching, so if you have the time, take advantage of browsing the shelves!