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Comic Arts

These entries describe historical primary source collections available for research in Special Collections at the SDSU Library. Special Collections houses unique archival and manuscript collections, rare books and manuscripts, and graphic/ephemera collections.

Comics in SDSU Special Collections and University Archives

Comic Arts Collection 

The Comics Arts Collection began with an emphasis on alternative and independent titles, graphic novels, drawn books, and underground comix, as well as materials that document the history of comic book culture and the creative process behind comic book production. Early noteworthy holdings included Neil Gaiman's Sandman, several popular manga series, a full run of RAW Magazine, and various titles published by Fantagraphics, Caliber, Dark Horse, Last Gasp and Drawn & Quarterly. Due to an overwhelming response to the outreach efforts of the library's Comic Arts Committee, and more specifically to substantial gifts by Dan Hager and Doug Highsmith, the collection has expanded in scope to include tens of thousands of comic "floppies" produced by mainstream publishers like DC, Marvel and Image. Nearly all comic genres are now well-represented by the collection.

Edward Gorey’s Personal Library is part of the Special Collections at San Diego State University Library. Gorey collected illustrated wit, humor, nonsense, and comics produced from the 1700s up until his death in 2000. These books’ influence appear in his work. 
To search this special collection for comic art is easy. Simply go to the library’s catalog at and do a word search for Edward Gorey Personal Library. Next, modify your search by adding any or all of the following words: comic, nonsense, strip, humor. The search string would be: (Edward Gorey Personal Library) and (comic or nonsense or humor or strip). Or try other words of interest to modify your search and see what is in the library. 
Since newly-cataloged titles are always being added to the collection, you can use the link in this guide's title to generate a real-time list of results using the search string described above. If you need further assistance, please contact: Linda Salem, Librarian for the Edward Gorey Personal Library.