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Political Science

This guide was developed for students and faculty engaged in political science and international relations research.

Understanding Plagiarism

Time saving search tips

Use the database thesaurus to determine format for the country name.  It varies among databases.
Use double quotations " " around phrases: "soft power" 
Searching for relations between countries varies among databases.  Database specific tips below.

North Korea - post 1948
South Korea - post 1948
Korea - prior to 1948

Peoples Republic of China - post 1949
China - prior to 1948

relations between countries: countryname and countryname and foreign relations as Subject search

other terms to consider: economic policy

North Korea
South Korea
China (People's Republic)

relations between countries: countyname foreign relations countryname as Subject search

other terms to consider:  commerce, cultural relations, economic relations, treaties

Academic Search Premier

Korea (North)
Korea (South)

relations between countries: countryname foreign relations countryname as Subject search

other terms to consider: foreign economic relations, international economic relations

countryname politics and government

countryname foreign relations

countryname foreign relations countryname

countryname foreign economic relations

countryname foreign economic relations countryname

What if SDSU dosen't have a book you want?

APSA Citations

Session Assessment