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Library Resources for Blackboard 9.1

Link to Articles

Adding Links to Specific Journal Articles in Blackboard 9.1

Use the Journal & Article Linker to generate a link for Blackboard to the full-text of a particular journal article or to a whole journal. 

Using this tool to generate links to journal articles is preferred over other methods of linking to articles because the link should be persistent and will always be up-to-date, and it creates a short link that is easier to import into Blackboard.

Once the link is generated, here is how to integrate it into Blackboard:

  1. From the Course Menu in Blackboard, choose the Content Area where you'd like the article to appear, such as Assignments, Library Resources, or Course Readings
  2. Select Build Content >> Create >> Item
  3. Under Content Information
  4. Enter a Name
  5. Click the expand button on the right side of the text editor    Blackboard Editor Show More Button
  6. Click on the HTML button to get to the HTML editor
  7. Paste the link code in the pop-up window and click Update
  8. Click Submit