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Library Resources for Blackboard 9.1

Link to Databases

Adding Links to Databases in Blackboard 9.1

You can create links to specific databases to assist students in the research process.

Locate the database you want to add from the Library's website. 
Please note: It is critical that you link to the database from the Library's website and not the general Internet.

  1. Choose specific databases from this page:
  2. Right-click with your mouse on the name of a database
  3. Click on Copy Link Location or Address (wording varies depending on your web browser)

How to integrate this into Blackboard:

  1. From the Course Menu in Blackboard, choose the Library Resources' Content Area, if you have created one
  2. If you plan to add more than one database, consider adding a new folder called Library Databases inside of the Library Resources content area. To do this: Select Build Content >> New Page, >> Content Folder
  3. In either the Library Resources or Library Databases folder, select Build Content >> Create >> URL
  4. Type the title of the database in the Name Field
  5. Press Ctrl-V to paste the URL into the URL field
  6. Click Submit