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Cancer Partnership Scholars Program

Resources demonstrated and suggested in Library class.

Information Literacy Concept Review

This tutorial offers a review of types of sources (such as scholarly articles, magazines, and trade journals)

This video offers a review of authority, why we cite, and how to evaluate the appropriateness of the source for your research question

Note: You will need to log in with your SDSUid to view tutorial content

The video embedded below reviews how and why to use OneSearch


Literature Review Resources

Asking an Answerable Question

Break down your question into separate ideas or concepts.


who - what - when - where - why - how


Are there any health disparities in access to lung cancer screening between different ethnic groups in California?

Who?  Potential lung cancer patients

  • Also who? minority (general) other terms - ethnic - racial (could even use specific such as Chicano OR Chicana)

What? Health disparities - inequalities

What? Lung cancer screening

Where? California

Searching PubMed

PubMed (see link below) is the major biomedical database from the National Library of Medicine, and anyone can use if free. But go through our SDSU Library link so you can easily get to our journal subscriptions.

Just enter in the search terms you've decided on, and search.


Use Advanced to see your search History and combine sets.



Check to the right of the article title in abstract view to see if we have the article.