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Resources for Faculty Teaching Virtual Courses

VIP: Library Materials and Resources Slides

Adding a Link to a Library research Guide in BlackBoard

The Library has created guides that can help students with their research. These guides provide curated links to resources chosen by librarians to make research in a subject easier for you because a guide offers you the best resources in a certain subject area and organizes sources in a focused way that saves you time and effort. Activating the link to a guide is simple and easy.

  1. Hover your mouse over the + symbol to add content to your course     
  2. Click on Tool Link
  3. Type a name for your link. Link name should tell the student what to expect  
  4. Under Type, use the dropdown to select Library Guide     
  5. Check the box labeled Available to Library Users  
  6. Click Submit

The Library has created a general guide that will now be linked in your course. If you would like to link to your subject specific guide, all you have to do is let your subject librarian know, they will have that guide linked instead with no extra steps on your end.