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Controversial topics

Resources and tips for researching and writing about issues

Research and writing tips

On this page...

Critical thinking - a video to help with examining and interpreting the evidence you've researched 

Academic writing - a video with simple, practical tips for putting words on the page

Citation help - links to websites and books to help organize the references for your paper


For one-on-one writing assistance, set up an appointment with the SDSU Writing Center

In addition to tutoring help, they have useful advice on a variety of topics, including...

  • Advice for First-Year Writing Students
  • The Break Down for a Scientific Paper
  • How to Write a Conclusion
  • Cover Letters and Resumes

The Writing Center is located on the second floor of the Library dome.

What is Critical Thinking... and Why Should I Care?

Learn about strategic questioning and analysis
  • Establish the facts that matter
  • Ask what doesn't add up in the world
  • Practice critical thinking: that's how knowledge and understanding grow

Academic Writing: How to Get Started and Keep Going

Tips for getting your idea from your head onto paper--and to keep going
  • Start anywhere! Just start.
  • Snack-writing: write a little every day
    • actual snacks probably help too
  • And at least three more tips. Watch the video!

Want more help with the research process?

Try this database: SAGE Research Methods