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GEOG 590 Human-Environment Dimensions of COVID-19

Includes list of resources related to Geography 590 course on the Human-Environment Dimensions of COVID-19

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The databases included below are a great place to start when searching for articles related to Geography. With Geography being a discipline which encompasses a number of focused research areas, the tabs below will link you to databases and resources which are focused within the core areas of geography.

Introduction Content

COVID impacts and response in Italy

COVID and the response in African countries

COVID and Environmental Conservation

COVID and Environmental Interaction

COVID Impacts on Water

Public Health Aspects of COVID

Social Media and Big Data Analytics of COVID-19 Outbreaks

COVID Impacts on Human Mobility

Children and Young People at a Time of Pandemic

Impacts of COVID in Social Inequalities

Impacts of COVID in US immigration detention

COVID in Indian Country

Economic Costs and Benefits of Social Distancing Policies

Differential Effects of the Pandemic Across Socioeconomic Groups

Impacts of the Pandemic in the Global Supply Chain