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RWS Library Instruction Review

Links and more information about library resources

Where do I start?

So, you had a session with a librarian and are ready to get started? Start here! instruction librarians

This research guide is meant to provide you with links to library resources, answers to frequently asked questions about library services, and reviews of concepts you can access anytime.

This format is called a Research Guide and librarians create them to highlight the most relevant sources for a particular topic- in this case, it's a general overview of how to start library research. There are others that focus on databases for particular classes and majors, for example, Business or Nursing. Here's a link for all the Research Guides- as you take classes in your major the guides are a good place to start!

If you'd like a copy of our presentation slides from the library instruction session to jog your memory, they are linked here

Step-by-step guide to the research process