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CSP 596 The Black Experience

Counseling and Contemporary Social Movements


One way to find articles, especially when you don't have a specific topic yet, is to browse the contents of a journal that covers your disciplinary area. Otherwise, searching your topic in one of the databases below is a good way to find peer-reviewed articles.

Try looking through:


Plan Your Search Strategy

It helps if you break up you question/hypothesis into separate concepts, each of which you would like to be included in any resources you find. This makes it easier to develop search strategies and find synonyms and other terms for your concepts.

There are several frameworks to help you organize your question into concepts.

  • PICO – Patient/problem/population + Intervention + Comparison/Control/Comparator + Outcome
  • PICOC – PICO + Context
  • PICOS – PICO + Study Design
  • PICOT – PICO + Time
  • PECO – Population + Exposure + Comparison + Outcome
  • PIE – Problem + Intervention + Evaluation
  • SPICE – Setting + Perspective + Intervention/Interest + Comparison + Evaluation
  • ProPheT – Problem + Phenomenon of Interest + Time