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Choose a Major and Explore the Possibilities

Connecting your Major to Careers

Now that you've looked at the essential points and some of the occupations that relate to the subject areas, it's time to explore college majors more in depth.

With the following links you can explore some of the majors and how these areas of study relate to certain career paths. 

-Computer Engineering
-Construction Engineering
-Civil Engineering

-Public Health

-Television, Film and New Media Production
-Theatre Arts

For more assistance/options on different majors and their occupations, feel free to visit SDSU Career Services.  


  • There is always space to move within the same field of study or career path. It's important to keep an open mind as you transition from a major to a career and the opportunity to choose form different careers. Some of those careers might correspond to your interests, goals, and what you envision for yourself. While others might not feel right. It is great to challenge yourself to new career environments, but also analyze the situations in order to move along when time comes. 


  • Before you enter a major or as you are finishing it, take a look at the different jobs that fall under your major. Take your time to explore and get to know different career fields. Some will be more flexible than others, yet there is still some space to move around when it comes to any major. As you take a look at those jobs, remember that money is not the only thing you should be considering as you try to find a major and career path. Considering the flexibility of the fields will help you toward deciding what type of major you'd like to study. Here's a blog post from that discusses the "transferability" of various majors, Choosing Majors Doesn't Have to Mean Choosing a Career

Suggestion for last sentence (pink highlight): Here's a blog post from that discusses the "transferability" of various majors