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Book Reviews

Looking for Book Reviews? We’ve got you covered!

Find trusted book reviews

Reviews are important tools for evaluating books, offering concise summaries of the content as well as critical assessment.

The Book Reviews tab on the English Literature Research Guide is a great place to start your search. There, you’ll find a curated list of book review resources in both electronic and print format. 

  • Explore Book Review Digest Retrospective with over 300,000 reviews and literary criticisms of English and American literature, poetry, prose, and adult, young adult, and children’s fiction and nonfiction. It covers works published between 1908 and 1981, and offers comprehensive subject area coverage including art, history, literature, education, and the humanities.
  • Try Literature Online (LION) with its vast library of over 350,000 literary works of English and American poetry, prose, and drama, as well as criticism and reference resources. It covers works from the 8th century to present day, and new material is added monthly.
  • Use Publishers for reviews of popular works and recent releases (full text archives available back to 1996, through the library's website).

You can also consult the Book Reviews tab on the News & Newspapers Research Guide.