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Creating Company Lists Using Uniworld and ReferenceUSA (from the San Diego Public Library)

Constructing Lists of Multinational Companies with Uniworld


Tip: Get a San Diego Public Library card to construct lists of companies with ReferenceUSA

The San Diego Public Library subscribes to a database called ReferenceUSA that has information on over 10 million businesses in the United States, including credit information, estimated sales, and number of employees. This database can also be used to construct lists of businesses, and up to 250 company records can be exported at a time.

Video Tutorial on Using ReferenceUSA's "U.S. Businesses" database

The librarians at Brooklyn Public Library created a great video explaining how to use this database to construct lists of companies or research individual companies.

Finding Company Records in Mergent Online

The easiest way to search this database is to type the name of the company you are looking for in the company search bar on the bottom left and press go.

If the company is private, you will need to check the "D&B Private Company Database" search option and replicate your search. Also, if you are looking for a subsidiary or a brand you will need to search for the parent company. For example, Ritz Carlton information will be found under the record of the parent company, Marriott International. 

Pro tip: Check Wikipedia to see if the company is public, private, a subsidiary, or a brand.

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