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Women's Studies

The study of women and gender.

Primary sources

Primary source documents are frequently collected in published books. To find these collections in the library catalog, follow these steps.

1. Brainstorm some keywords and phrases about your topic. If you were researching women's suffrage in America, for example, some good keywords and phrases might be "suffrage," "women," "feminis*," "nineteenth amendment," "vote*," or "activis*".

2. At the Advanced Search, pair your keyword with some of them common words found in subject headings for primary sources. These include:

* sources
* correspondence
* diaries
* speeches
* personal narratives
* documents
* interviews

3. If you want to impose any limits on your search, such as as location or language, choose them in the options box. Then click Submit.

4. Browse your results and click on titles which sound relevant or useful to your topic.