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Political Science

This guide was developed for students and faculty engaged in political science and international relations research.

Library Catalog


Tips for searching the Library Catalog

Search tip

To find books on your subject try searching with key words, or using a title you already know.  When you find a relevant book, click on a Subject(s) term to see similar books.


You can use the Library Catalog search box above to find e-Books you can read with your web browser.  Consult the eBooks Research Guide for more information about SDSU subscriptions and tips for using the different publishing platforms.

Books in other libraries

Tips for finding books at other libraries

Steps to find books at other libraries: 

  1. Do we have it at SDSU?  
    • Check the Library Catalog.
  2. Is it available in the San Diego area?
    •  If you are searching for a book in the Library Catalog, but cannot find it, use the Repeat Search in Circuit button.  Repeat Search in Circuit button  
    • You will be directed to the Circuit catalog.   Once you find the item in Circuit, use the Request button and follow the prompts. 
  3. Is it available in other libraries?  Are there different editions available?  
    • Use the ​WorldCat SDSU database to idenfity the edition you need.  This version of the database will automatically complete ILL request forms.
  4. Already know it's not available at SDSU or through Circuit?  
    • Submit a request to Interlibrary Loan (ILL).