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Pivot: Funding Resource

Pivot Homepage

Your Pivot homepage is the place to manage all of your funding opportunities, as well as keeping track of the searches and shared opportunities you're interested in pursuing. The homepage is organized in the following areas:

  • Tracked opportunities 
  • Saved searches
  • Shared opportunities 
  • Received opportunities 
  • Suggestions from the Advisor

Tracked Opps: When you first log into Pivot, or when you click the home icon, you'll land on this area. These are opps you want to monitor, but they are less crucial than your Active opps. When you Track an opp, you can also assign a “tag” to the opp to help you easily group and/or locate it later. Click here to read more about managing your Tracked Opps.

Saved Searches: In addition to tracking individual funding opps, Pivot allows you to save your search queries. You can opt to recieve a funding alert based on any of your saved searches. These arrive weekly, and identify any newly added or updated opps that match your query. There is no need to continually enter and run the same search over and over. You can also share your search query with collaborators.

Shared Opps: When you click on the Shared link you will see all of the opps that you have shared in the last 60 days. By default this list will be sorted by deadline – the opps with the closest deadlines appear at the top of the list.

Received Opps: Your Research Office may send you opps they believe may be a good fit for your research and colleagues may share funding opps with you. The Received section of your Pivot Home Page will display all opportunities that have been shared with you.

Advisor: The Advisor is Pivot’s intelligent mapping at work – it analyzes your Profile and matches you with funding opps. The Advisor analyzes several areas in your profile (statement of Expertise, publications, CV information, abstracts and more) and shows you funding opportunities that match up with those areas, some which you may not have found through simple searching. The more detail included in your profile, the better the Advisor matches will be.