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English Literature


Guide to British Poerty Explication [ PR502 .M37 Reference ]

A four-volume set that indexes interpretations published from 1925-1992.

Poetry Explication [ PR502 .K8 1980 Reference ]

A comprehensive index of interpretations published from 1925-1977 of poems by British and American poets.

Guide to British Prose Fiction Explication: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries [ PR861 .B38 1997 Reference ]

A one-volume source that indexes interpretations of British novels, novellas, and short stories.

The English Novel: Twentieth Century Criticism [ PR821 .E52 Reference ]

Volume one covers pre-twentieth century writers; volume two covers twentieth century writers.

English Novel Explication [ PR821 .P26 Reference ]

The original volume, covering criticism up to 1972, has been updated with several supplements.

Critical Analyses in English Renaissance Drama [ PR651 .S24 Reference ]

This guide "directs the reader to a selection of the best modern, analytical studies of every play, anonymous play, masque, pageant, and 'entertainment' written by dozen's of Shakespeare's contemporaries in the years between 1580 and 1642."