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Creating a Website

Put your site to the test

There are many places to find information on the web, but not all of them are credible. You need to make it easy for your readers to know your site is a good source of information.

As you develop your content, put it to the CRAAP test.

  • Is it Current?
    • Add the date when your site was created and updated?
  • Is it Relevant?
    • Be clear about your intended audience. 
  • Are you an Authority?
    • Be clear about who you are (even if you don't use your name) and why you're qualified to write on the topic.
  • Is the information Accurate?
    • Cite your sources. Let your reader know where your information is coming from.
  • What's the Purpose for your site?
    • Make your intentions clear. Why are you publishing your website?

For more information check out Evaluating Information - Applying the CRAAP test from the CSU, Chico Library.