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EndNote: Citation Management

How to install and get started using the various EndNote versions

What is EndNote Online?

EndNote Online allows you to collect, organize, and store citations in the cloud - often with one-click export from library databases.

  • Attach PDFs of the actual articles to the citations and access them wherever you are, even if you aren't on your personal computer.
  • Install a capture button in your bookmarks bar to collect citations from databases and Google Scholar.
  • Install the Cite-While-You-Write plugin for Microsoft Word in order to insert and automatically format your in-text citations and bibliography.
  • Share a group of citations with others who have an EndNote Online account.
  • Use the Journal Match feature to help decide in which journal your article should be published.

Drawbacks to only using EndNote online (these do not apply if you use EndNote 21 as well):

  • Limited to 2G of storage space for attachments
  • Limited to 50,000 citations
  • You must sign on while on campus at least once every 2 years to maintain access to your library

EndNote Online Quick Reference Guide

EndNote Online: A Live Class Recording

How do I get an account?

When you sign up for EndNote 20 desktop through SDSU, the next step is to sign up for EndNote online.  This makes everything work better, and also give you the option to download the Word (CWYW) and Capture (browser extension). 

It is best to be at a computer that is either linked to the campus internet directly through ethernet or through the eduroam wireless network.  There are two ways to signup for EndNote online once you have EndNote Desktop:

Option 1:

  1. Visit
  2. Look for where it says "Don't have an account? SIGN UP"
  3. Sign up for an account using any email
    • If you choose to sign in via FACEBOOK or LINKEDIN, the email and password will be the email you use for that account

Option 2:

  1. Open EndNote 21 (desktop)
  2. Go to Edit tab (or EndNote menu on the macOS) 
  3. Preferences
  4. Sync
  5. Sign up

More details on syncing your online and desktop EndNote