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EndNote: Citation Management

How to install and get started using the various EndNote versions

Basic steps

What is EndNote 21?

EndNote 21 allows you to collect, organize and store citations on your desktop and sync with your cloud account to keep your library current.

  • Add references in multiple ways, including uploading batches of pdfs and having the associated metadata create reference information
  • Search for pdfs to attach to references you have pulled into the library
  • Comment on pdfs and search those comments later
  • Share an entire library of references and attachments with up to 100 other users, allowing you to collaborate on research
  • You have your entire reference library on your personal computer and can work completely offline
  • Cite While You Write (CWYW) can be configured to work with EndNote 21 instead of your online account
  • Backup your library and save it on an external storage device

How do I use it? (The Basics)

EndNote 21 in 7 Minutes

The library recommends searching the actual databases and and exporting to EndNote, NOT using the EndNote interface to search for references.

  • Functionality provided by the database to improve search experience and result specificity is lost
  • The EndNote interface is best used if you know the exact reference you are trying to find.