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EndNote: Citation Management

How to install and get started using the various EndNote versions

Finding Full Text PDFs of Your References

You can search within EndNote for full text pdfs for your references:

  1. Highlight the references you want to search for
  2. Select the icon with the document and magnifying glass
  3. A paperclip will appear to the left of the references that EndNote found full text for
  4. To download the PDF and see other options double-click the reference
  5.  This is also where you can attach PDF that you already have to the reference by selecting Attach File

Set up Find Full Text to it's maximum usefulness!

If you want EndNote to automatically try to find and attach a pdf for every newly imported reference:

  1. Go to the Edit menu
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Find Full Text 
  4. Select Web of Science, DOI and PubMed Linkout from the list.
  5. In the Authenticate with box, enter:
  6. Check the box for: Automatically Invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references
  7. Select OK


EndNote will not be able to find full text for all references. There are many reasons the full text feature may not be able to find and attach a PDF to every reference in your library. See the FAQs for a list of reasons full text may not be available. 

Find Full text when using EndNote 20 off campus

To use the "find full text" option off campus, you will need to make a few changes to your preferences in EndNote.  

Step 1:

Go to Edit -- Preferences -- Find Full Text

OpenURL Path:


Step 2: 

Go to Edit -- Preferences -- URLs & Links

OpenURL Arguments: &sid=ISI:WoS&aufirst=AUFIRST&aulast=AULAST&issn=ISSN&isbn=ISBN&atitle=ATITLE&title=TITLE&volume=VOLUME&issue=ISSUE&date=DATE&spage=SPAGE&epage=EPAGE