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Research & Course Guides

Research Guides

Help your students with their research. Library faculty develop subject-specific research guides, with links to relevant subject databases and related resources.


Want your own guide? We can create course-specific guides for your classes. Email your librarian to find out how.  

Adding a Research Guide to your Class

If there are any questions or issues about adding a Library Research Guide to your class, please reach out to Rebecca Nowicki or Kate Holvoet

To add a Research Guide to you Blackboard class: 

  1. Click on the + symbol to add content
  2. Select Tool Link
  3. Name for the link to the guide. Make this name something that would make sense to students and explains what it is. 
  4. Use the dropdown under where you entered the name labeled Type and select Library Guide
  5. Submit
  6. Link will be added, click the box after the link and select  Show Link to make the link visable for students.

Embed Research Guide

Embedding Library Subject Guides in Blackboard 9

SDSU Librarians have prepared research guides for different subjects. These guides will give students tips about how and where to get started on their research.

Choose a research subject guide from this page: and copy the URL.


How to integrate this into Blackboard:

From the Course Menu in Blackboard

  1. Choose the Content Area where you'd like an item to appear.  
  2. Type in the name of the Research Guide
  3. Press Ctrl-V to paste the URL into the URL field
  4. Click Submit