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Course Reserves Page

Information for Faculty

The Course Reserves service allows instructors to make course material available for a short loan period. We offer loan periods of two hours, four hours, one day, three days, one week, and 28 days. The material provided must be owned by the SDSU Library, the course instructor or the course department. We cannot accept material that is borrowed from resource sharing (Interlibrary Loan, Circuit, CSU+) or any other library.

The subject liaisons have monetary allocations to buy monographs that support student and faculty research, but it is possible that the liaison could use these funds to buy a Digital Rights Management (DRM) - Free or Unlimited Access eBooks that could be used in a course. Several books, especially commercial textbooks, are not available with these licenses, and the liaison may not have enough funds to purchase these books in addition to the monographs that support student and faculty research. Email the liaison for your discipline by viewing the Subject Specialist list to explore the possible options. If the monograph is not available for purchase with an Unlimited Access or DRM-Free license or there are not enough funds available for the purchase, please contact the Bookstore

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