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RWS 390 - Writing in Business Settings

Find Financial Benchmarks for the U.S. in IBISWorld

International Ratios: Use the Bloomberg Terminal

Using the Bloomberg terminal, you can find ratio metrics with the 'FA' (financial analysis) or the 'RV' (relative value) function. Ratios are available for public companies in the United States and internationally.

Reference Books with Financial Ratios

Free Websites with Finanical Ratios

Business Valuation

Introduction to Business Valuation:

Business Valuation is typical defined as the economic or monetary value of an entire business or company. There are multiple methods for valuing businesses, such as looking at the book value using the balance sheet or multiplying revenues based on industry specific rules of them. This definition from Investopia is a good place to start to get a general overview of business valuation

Example "Rules of Thumb" for Business Valuation:

Books on Business Valuation:

Keyword searching for business valuation or using the subject heading "Business enterprises -- Valuation" will bring up several titles.

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Example Titles: