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Finding Salary Surveys Using Vault


How to Find Salary Surveys Using Vault

Step 1: Browse the Vault Guides to find the guide to jobs in the industry that you plan on working in by clicking the Vault Guides button on the top search bar. Once you select an industry from the options on the left, you will be able to find the guides in the center of the page.

Finding a Vault Guide

Step 2: Open the Vault guide and select "View Guide." Then select the entry for the job that you are searching for.

Opening the Vault Guide

Selecting a Job from a Vault Guide

Step 3: Find the Earnings portion of the entry for that job, and look at the source they cited for the salary information. Look up that source using Google to see if you can find more current or more detailed information.

Earnings in Vault Guide

Creative Group Salary Survey in Google