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RWS 305W & RWS 390W

Resume and Cover Letter Advice

Sample Resumes and Cover Letters from Vault


Finding Resume and Cover Letter Books

Finding Resume and Cover Letter Books at the SDSU Library and Other CSU Libraries

Go to the library's homepage, and search for resume or cover letter books by using the "book" search tab.


In the OneSearch search box you can also see what resume and cover letter books can be requested from other universities in the CSU system by clicking on the "CSU Print Title" button.


Finding Books from Other Libraries

The "Borrowing from Other Libraries" has instructions for how to request books from libraries other than SDSU. *Tip: You can use Amazon or other sites to find resume and cover letter books. If we don't have them or they aren't at another CSU, follow the instructions on this site to have them sent to SDSU.