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RWS 305W & RWS 390W

Press Releases and Media Pages

What is a Press Release?

A press release, also called a media or news release or a wire feed, is a short piece of writing that was sent to, or intended for, journalists or the news media. The purpose of a press release is to inform journalists of something that is potentially newsworthy and give them enough information to report on it more easily. Companies generally write these in order to promote new products or services, new CSR initiatives, and other changes that may garner popular support, such as raising their minimum wage.

Where do I find Press Releases?

Press or Media Pages on Company Websites:

Most companies and brands, even smaller, private companies, have press pages. These can be easily found by typing the name of the company into Google with "press" or "media" and "page" or "center."

Example Pages:


Use the Business Article Databases: 

The Business Article Databases allow you to narrow the articles by publication and source type. Most of these have a category for "press releases" or "wire feeds," and these come from the main Press Release aggregators used by people who work in journalism, like PR Newswire.