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Nursing 219

Information management in patient care, research, evidence-based practice, outcomes and practice management. Patient/family-provider communication, privacy, security, and ethical decision making on patient care, research, and quality management.

Citing Your Sources in APA

  • Citing material from CINAHL or Nursing Reference Center

example: Schub, T., Mennella, H., & Pravikoff, D. (2017, February 17). Stroke: an overview. CINAHL Nursing Guide. Retrieved from Nursing Reference Center Plus database.

Start with the authors of the resource, care sheet, EBP guide, (add the date on the resource) Title. Aggregate Title from database. Retrieved from 

  • Citing from the Nursing Central, Unbound Medicine web site: 

Seizure. (2017). In Venes, D. (Ed.), Taber's medical dictionary (23rd edition). F.A. Davis.