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Nursing 219

Information management in patient care, research, evidence-based practice, outcomes and practice management. Patient/family-provider communication, privacy, security, and ethical decision making on patient care, research, and quality management.

Health Literacy and Readability of Health materials

It is recommended that most patient teaching materials are at a 6th grade level. Remember, you are writing to be understood. The following materials can help  you make sure your group project is readable.

Creating Easy to Read Handouts

Health Literacy Toolkits

AHRQ CAHPS Item Set for Addressing Health Literacy

The CAHPS Item Set for Addressing Health Literacy's goal is to measure, from the patients' perspective, how well health information is communicated to them by health care professionals.

Health Literacy Measurement Tools

Contains the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine (short form) in both English and Spanish.

Readability Formulas

The site provides a free readability calculator. Users just need to copy a sample of the document and paste it into the "Text Sample Box." The site will calculate the Flesch Reading Ease, Fog Scale Level, and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of the text.