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BA 411, MGT 358, and MGT 460 (Information Sources for Entrepreneurs) - King and Ahsan

Highlighted Resource: Mergent Online

The easiest way to search this database is to type the name of the company you are looking for in the company search bar on the bottom left and press go.

Pro tip: If you are getting no results when you put in the name of a major company, the company is probably private. You will need to check the "D&B Private Company Database" search option and replicate your search. 

Highlighted Resource: PrivCo

PrivCo is a great way for entrepreneurs to look at a private company's financials, how the company was funded through different rounds, and other information, such as the company's M&A activity. This can be really useful for evaluating private companies as well as researching potential funding sources.

How to Research Companies: 

A: Type the name of the company on the search bar on top of the page and press "Go."

B: Use the advanced search options by selecting "Private Companies" from the Advanced Search options on the left hand side of the page. From here, you could search for companies based on their location, their revenue, and their line of business. You can search for companies based on their line of business by using a NAICS code(s) or by selecting an industry(ies) from the tree in the "Choose Industries" box.


Find Additional Company Information

To find additional sources for company information, including additional databases that contain SWOT reports, go to the "Find Company Information" tab of the library's "Business Research Guide" which is linked below.