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BA 411, MGT 358, and MGT 460 (Information Sources for Entrepreneurs) - King and Ahsan

Highlighted Resource: SRDS - Consumer Magazine Media (Free Audience Metrics)

Consumer magazines and websites are published to to provide content to consumers who have a particular interest, such as a love of dogs. These publications keep track of the demographics of their readership so that they can sell advertisements, and these numbers can be seen in the publications "media kit" or their audience metrics if it is a website. These numbers can also be used by marketers to understand the demographic characteristics of their target audience.

Step 1: Once you have selected the Consumer Magazine Media portion of SRDS, you can enter a keyword or keywords in the top search bar and press go, or you can browse the consumer interests in the "Classifications" box on the left hand side of the page and select an option(s) from there.

Step 2: Select a publication from the results by clicking the title of the publication.

Step 3: Look at the "Media Kit" and/or the Audience Metrics to get demographic data on the publication's viewership.