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Open Educational Resources (OER) @ SDSU for Faculty

Course Reserves

Course Reserves

The Library does not automatically purchase course textbooks.  Faculty can request any physical item owned by the library be placed in Course Reserves. To insure that the correct item is placed on reserve, faculty must bring the item (either personal copies or from the library stacks) to Circulation and fill out and sign a paper form. If the library does not own a copy, faculty can request that the library purchase a planned course textbook for library Course Reserves by contacting our Head of Collection Development.

Immediate Access Program

Faculty can reduce textbook costs by 30% or more by working with Aztec Shops to get their course textbooks into the Immediate Access program.  Not all publishers participate in Immediate Access.

Immediate Access textbooks:

Are digital
Are available from day 1 of class
Have their cost rolled into the tuition bill

Students may opt-out of Immediate Access and purchase the course text in their preferred format from their preferred vendor. Faculty who wish to move to an Immediate Access textbook can ask their departmental course material buyer to contact Ben Compton at Aztec Shops by phone to discuss Immediate Access options.

More Savings Options with Aztec Shops

Faculty often can choose to order course textbooks in a variety of formats.  Aztec Shops can help faculty find out if there are more affordable versions of a textbook (hardback, paperback, ebook, textbook rental, etc.)

For textbooks that are not needed until later in the semester there is the option to have a delayed start - the textbook isn't available at the bookstore until it's needed. Some publishers are willing to lower the cost of textbooks that don't have to be in stock on day 1.

Faculty who are interested in these options should have their department course materials buyer contact Ben Compton at Aztec Shops.