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Creating a Website

Site Layout, Search Engines and Screen Readers

Planning Your Site

Take a moment to think about your site content and how it can be broken up onto multiple pages. Remember each page shouldn't have too much text (500 words max).

  • Project Home Page
    • About Us Page
      • Our Staff Page
        • Contact Us Page
    • Related Resources Page
    • Works Cited Page

Being Friendly to Search Engines and Screen Readers

Your website should be designed so that it makes sense to search engines and also people with low vision using screen reading software.

Set a page title

The page title is part of the page metadata (information about the page) and is visible to search engines and shows up on page tabs. It's often set in the web page settings in your web editor.

Use Headings

Use headings, starting with H1 to structure your content and tell people and search engines what's important.

Other easy accessibility tips

  • For links, use text that makes sense when read out of context. Do use "See Our FAQ", avoid "click here."
  • Use Alt (alternative text) tags for your images, telling visitors using screen readers what the image conveys.
  • Check the color contrast of your text to ensure visability.