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Mendeley: Citation Management

How to download and use Mendeley

Organize Your References

Mendeley LibraryCreate Collections

You can organize your references by sorting them into separate collections for different research topics or subtopics.

  1. Go to New Collection (under Collections on the menu on the left)
  2. Type in a collection title 
  3. Press Enter

You can rename or delete collections by right-clicking the collection.


Add References to Your Mendeley Library

You can add references to your Mendeley Library in several different ways.  Options include:

  • Mendeley Web Importer (browser extension)
  • Add new button within your Mendeley Library (button near the top left).  You will have three options:
    • File(s) from computer
    • Add entry Manually 
    • Import Library (BibTeX *.bib, EndNote XML *.xml, RIS *.ris)
  • Drag & drop a PDF
  • Export from other Elsevier products such as ScienceDirect or Scopus

Mendeley Web Importer

  1. Click on the Mendeley browser icon on the right side of your browser toolbar
  2. Select the reference(s) you'd like to import (Mendeley will grab all of the references it can find on a page)
  3. Select the Collection(s) you'd like to add the reference to
  4. Click Add


Import references from other citation managers

If you have references saved in other citation management tools (e.g. EndNote, Zotero) you can import these references into Mendeley. Use the same process that you use to import references manually:

  1. Click the Add new button
  2. Select one of the following options
    • File(s) from computer
    • Add entry manually
    • Import Library

Add new button