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Zotero: Citation Management

How to install and get started using Zotero

Adding References to Your Collection

There are three different ways to add references to a collection in Zotero:

  1. Zotero Connector (in browser) 
  2. Using a standard number (ISBN, PMID, DOI, ArXiv ID) via Zotero application
  3. Manually enter a citation in Zotero application

1. Zotero Connector

Using the Zotero Connector is the easiest way to add online references to your library. Once you have downloaded Zotero, you should download Connector as well.  It is available as an extension for the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. 

Zotero button on browser toolbar


Adding References from Online

  1. Use OneSearch, Google, or another online search tool to locate references on your topic

  2. Click on the Zotero button on the browser toolbar (it will initially appear as a Z, but will become a folder, book, or journal icon after using it once.  The first time you will need to click on the icon again to save your reference.)

  3. Select one or more items that you'd like to add to your library

  4. Click Okay

  5. A pop-up box will appear telling you which collection the reference is being saved in.  You can change this by clicking on the drop-down menu on the pop-up. 

Other Websites

The Zotero Connector will not be able to pull reference information from all websites.  In these cases you can:

  1. Right click anywhere on the browser
  2. Choose Save to Zotero from the menu  
  3. Select Web Page with Snapshot or Web Page without Snapshot

2. Using a standard number (ISBN, PMID, DOI, ArXiv ID) via Zotero application

Add references by ISBN, PMID, DOI, ArXiv ID or other standard numbers: 

  1. Click on the wand icon
  2. Type in the number 
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard


Add object by identifier wand

Zotero searches several databases to find information for your reference (Library of Congress, WorldCat, CrossRef, NCBI Pub Med, and Adding references using this method will not add the full text PDF

3. Manually entering a citation

You can also add references to your library manually.  You will need to do this with items that are only in print and do not come up with the standard number search.  You will also use this feature when editing references.

  1. Click on the green plus icon on the Zotero toolbar  
  2. Choose the type of item from the drop-down list (book, journal article, etc.)
  3. A window will open on the right pane with the fields available for that item type

Icon to add references manually