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Journalism & Media Studies

ACT UP Method

 Author: Who wrote the resource?

  • Who are they?
  • Background information matters.

Currency: When was this resource written?

  • When was this resource written?
  • When was it published?
  • Does this resource fit into the currency of your topic?

Truth: How accurate is this information?

  • Can you verify any of the claims in other sources?
  • Are there typos and spelling mistakes?

Unbiased: Is the information presented to sway the audience to a particular point of view?

  • Is information left out in order to adhere to a specific viewpoint?
  • Resources unless otherwise stated should be impartial.

Privilege: Check the privilege of the author(s).

  • Are they the only folks who might write or publish on this topic?
  • Who is missing in this conversation?
  • Critically evaluate the subject terms associated with each resource you found.
  • How are they described?
  • What are the inherent biases?