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Streaming Media

A guide to streaming media resources available via the SDSU Library.

Digitizing Media

The SDSU Library does not provide self-service or mediated digitization services for media materials. We are not aware of such a service on campus, however ITS may have equipment available for check-out that can assist you in this effort. 


The Digital Memory Lab at SDPL offers instruction on digitization and self-service stations. The Digital Memory Lab is an innovative do-it-yourself space for digitizing various audio/visual media formats, as well as scanning documents, slides, and negatives. Patrons will have access to knowledgeable library staff and volunteers, as well as instructions and orientations that explain how to digitize materials. Our mission is to provide users with the tools needed for the conversion and analysis of their digital projects so that they can ultimately proceed independently.


There are also a handful of local companies that transfer and duplicate media materials for a fee.