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Streaming Media

A guide to streaming media resources available via the SDSU Library.

Streaming Media at SDSU Library

The SDSU Library provides access to numerous video and audio streaming resources. Streaming media includes sound and video that is watched or viewed on the internet. Streaming content is ever-evolving so feel free to contact the librarian for your subject area for assistance in identifying audio and video resources. The Library also provides access to a large DVD Collection that can be borrowed for classroom viewing.



Make sure you're accessing Swank, Kanopy (or other streaming databases) from the Library's website and not from the general internet. Their systems need to know that you're part of SDSU to give you access to the films we have. When you click on a link to one of the streaming media platforms, it will ask you to log in with your SDSUID. In some instances, these systems will wait until you click to play a film to ask you to login with your SDSUID. Here's a quick way to get to all of the streaming media platforms we provide: You do not need to log in to Swank separately after following the steps above. 

The Library pays for access to specific film titles requested by instructors (i.e. we do not have access to all of the titles you may find in databases like Swank). Typically, if we already have a license for streaming a film, it will appear in the Library's online catalog, so you can also search here to see if we have a license to a title you need and follow the links in the catalog.

If you are trying to access a film for which it does not appear we have a license, ask your instructor if they will request it for the course using this form and we will do our best to add it:



Typically, if we already have a license for streaming a film, it will appear in the Library's Online Catalog. Temporary free access to various titles during COVID-19 do not get cataloged. A title needs to be available through one of the vendors willing to provide institutional access to libraries, so Kanopy, Swank, AVON etc. Unfortunately, we cannot get access to titles where the only outlet on which it's streaming has an individual subscription business model, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, YouTube etc


If you are attempting to stream a film in real time with your students, please refer to the tips included in the "Using Streaming Media in Class" Guide (link on the menu to the left). We have discovered that certain web browsers - or editions of web browsers - may not work to synchronously stream, but Google Chrome does seem to work well.


The Library does not offer media digitization services or web hosting for streaming media. If a faculty member would like to stream media content in their course via the Library, the title needs to be available in one of the streaming media platforms to which we subscribe. If a title is unavailable on one of these platforms, faculty should contact Instructional Technology Services (ITS) for more guidance.