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Starting Library Research

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OneSearch is a tool that allows you to search across many of the SDSU Library databases and website in one place. It can be a good tool to start your research or for interdisciplinary research.

Because it searches many databases across a variety of disciples and does not search all of the databases in the library, you may want to use the more specialized individual databases for more in-depth research and to access information in databases not covered by OneSearch.  

Access OneSearch on the library homepage, or use the box below to search OneSearch.

How to use OneSearch

How to Use the SDSU Library OneSearch Video

Table of Contents:

 00:18 - What is OneSearch 

00:44 - Locating Known Items: Searching by Title

 02:05 - Using OneSearch for Research

 04:01 - Looking at the Results 


Library Databases

Library Databases

OneSearch is just one tool to help you locate library resources. OneSearch does not search all of the vast amounts of information available through the SDSU Library .  For much of your research, you will want to use an individual database that has more specialized information. The library subscribes to many databases that offer a variety of specialized information that you may ot find anywhere else.  

Not sure what database to use? Use on of the Research Guides created by librarians to locate databases that fit your research needs.

Where to Find Resources For Your Class or Major

How do you know where to go to get the right kind of information that you need for your research? Research Guides can help. These guides provide curated links to resources chosen by librarians to make research in a subject easier for you because a guide offers you the best resources in a certain subject area and organizes sources in a focused way that saves you time and effort.  

What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves allow you access to common course-related materials, such as textbooks, course readers, media (Blue-Ray, DVD, VHS), e-Books, and less common materials, such as bones. Materials in Course Reserves generally have a shorter loan period than regular Library material, allowing more students access to the material during the semester.