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Government Publications: United States

Guide to United States government publications.

About this guide

This guide will help you locate publications from the three branches of the United States government: executive, legislature, judiciary.  The publications may be in paper, on microform (film or fiche), or online as PDF files or digital images.  

Print materials are usually located in the Government Publications US collection on the 3rd floor of Love Library.

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You can also contact one of the librarians below.  We're here to help.

Kate Holvoet - United States & California State publications
Policy analysis, United Nations publications

Wil Weston - United States publications, Education, sciences,
social sciences

Federal Depository Library Program

The SDSU Library is a Congressionally designated depository for U.S. government publications. Public access to the government publications collection is guaranteed by public law (44 United States Code §§1901‐1916). The general public is welcome to use depository materials free of charge. 

PLEASE NOTE:  While the general public is welcome to use depository materials free of charge, many of our U.S. government resources, including resources listed in this research guide, are not depository materials and off-campus access is limited to SDSU students, faculty, and staff.  This includes most of the electronic resources such as Proquest Congressional and LexisNexis Academic.

The SDSU Library adheres to the policies set by the Government Printing Office: Free, Public Access and Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program.