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Public Health

“the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health and efficiency through organized community effort."

Virual Resources for Public Health

Virtual Resouces - General

And there are special research guides for Faculty


  •  Accessible Communication Styles provides guidance for choosing Inclusive language to celebrate the diversity of experiences. The toolkit discusses use of "people-first" and "identity-first" language  to address the concerns of disability advocacy groups while promoting human dignity. This toolkit offers current best practices which promote an inclusive library environment.
  •  Virtual Accessibility includes tips and resources to ensure that library events are welcoming and accessible for everyone who is interested in participating. The Virtual Accessibility toolkit offers specific tips for video meetings and presentations, webinars, group discussions, an accessible documents and handouts. When online programs and classes are planned with accessibility in mind, it is possible for many people who have previously found barriers to enjoy and benefit from the opportunities their libraries provide.
  • Supporting Neurodiverse Learners is a resource for educators, instructional designers, website developers, librarians, and students who are interested in learning more about how to support neurodiverse learners.