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SDSU Student Symposium (S3)

Thinking of attending the SDSU Student Symposium but don't know where to start? This research guide includes poster and presentation tips and basic information.

This research guide provides tips on how to create posters and presentations for the SDSU Student Symposium (S3) at SDSU. It contains basic information about poster printing at the SDSU Library, project digital preservation, the library award, and other conferences and professional networking opportunities. The Student Research Symposium is an annual event usually held during the spring semester at the Aztec Student Union where students of all levels present their research findings.

  • Students may elect to make an oral presentation, a poster presentation, performance/film, or exhibit (art projects; paintings; sculptures; three dimensional display).
  • Students must work with an SDSU faculty mentor before submitting an abstract. You will be required to submit information about your mentor when you register:
    • Name
    • Department
    • Mentor Email Address
  • All entries must have an abstract written by the student and reviewed/edited by their faculty mentor. Mentors should not write the abstract, but guide the student in developing the abstract.
  • Abstracts should be 350 words or less and submitted in PDF format.
  • Duplicate abstracts submitted by different authors will be automatically rejected.

For more information, please consult the SRS website: