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Resources for Faculty Teaching Virtual Courses

Free and Low Cost Educational Technology

* adapted from the NLM site:

Educational Technology 

  • Citation games - from Reynolds Community College Libraries
  • Coggle - simple collaborative mind maps 
  • eQuizShow - online quiz board
  • FlipGrid - video based discussion board
  • Flippity - use Google spreadsheet to create online flashcards, bingo, board games and more
  • FreeMind - free concept/mind mapping software written in Java
  • HyperDocs - digital worksheets
  • H5P - create, share and reuse interactive html5 content in your browser. Open source
  • Kahoot - create, play and share fun learning games for any subject, for all ages, for free
  • MindMup 2 - free mind mapping tool
  • Nearpod - create, share and track interactive lessons. Free and paid versions.
  • PollEverywhere - audience response system utilizing mobile phones, Twitter, and the web
  • Powtoon create animated  videos and presentations
  • Quizizz - create free self-paced quizzes 
  • Quizlet  - browse or create your own online flashcards and study sets. Login required
  • Wordle - word cloud generator



Image Capture/Editor

Free tools for image editing/social media promotion creation

Stock Photos with Creative Commons Licensing



  • Animaker - online animations and video infographics 
  • Canva Free Infographic Maker - free infographic making tool
  • - similar to Canva, create charts in program
  • Piktochart - make charts, maps, and incorporate videos 
  • PixCone - option of customizing online size display.
  • Venngage - interactive online infographics (embed YouTube videos, polls, and forms)
  • Visme - Basics Widget - select specific types of text blocks, statistics and graphics layouts, option to embed online content.
  • Zanifesto  - create infographics from the size of a business card to a resizable web graphic 


Tools for adding interactivity to videos

  • CADET: Caption And Description Editing Tool - Produce free, high-quality caption files that are compatible with any media player that supports the display of captions.
  • Thinglink  - annotate images and videos. Free version available
  • TouchCast Studio - adding interactivity to videos. Free version available
  • Vizia -  engage viewers by integrating quizzes, polls, and CTAs into videos. Free
  • Vialogues - An asynchronous Video discussion tool which can be used for leveraging digital videos for learning by adding group interaction. Free.


Scanner Apps