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ED 808 Academic Research and Publishing

K-12 Textbooks

Materials in the LT call number section of the library include K-12 textbook examples on many subjects. But these textbooks can be tricky to find in the catalog. So, here is a hint for searching the catalog for K-12 textbooks.

  1. Enter Library Catalog
  2. Click on Call Numbers (middle column half way down page)
  3. Search for LT in the search box
  4. Once results returned, click on Limit/Sort Search (red button, above search bar- middle of page)
  5. On right hand side of the Options box (bottom half of page) input search word and select from pull down menu- either words in title or words in subject


Or visit the Learning Resources Display Center. Teachers are welcome to come here to review the current textbook adoptions for California. The center is located at:

5304 Metro Street

Suite C

San Diego, CA 92111


Note: Assembly Bill X4 2 (Chapter 2, Statutes of 2009-10 Fourth Extraordinary Session) signed on July 28, 2009, suspended the process and procedures for adopting instructional materials, including framework revisions, until the 2013-14 school year.

If you are still having trouble finding K-12 textbooks, contact Linda Salem at