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RWS 100/200

Puzzle Pieces Introduction

This Course Guide is intended to introduce you to our Information World and help you navigate it to find appropriate information for your RWS 100 / 200 assignments. It provides a broad overview of to get started with research and directs you to the right places to find information for each step of the research process. This Course Guide will help you identify the types of information needs, where to find that information, how to develop a productive research strategy for your assignment (such as keyword development), and how to properly cite your sources. 


Bullseye Target Course Guide Learning Objectives

At the end of this Course Guide, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the breadth of Information 
  2. Articulate the different information needs of your assignment
  3. Identify what library and other sources you will access to retrieve information for your needs
  4. Develop search keywords related to your topic
  5. Find, access, and cite the appropriate information for your assignment


Clipboard iconLearning Activities 

In order to successfully complete this Course Guide, do the following:

  1. View: Introduction to Libraries 
  2. Read: Know your Information Needs 
  3. Explore: Gale Virtual Reference Library or Credo Reference
  4. Read: Access the Needed Information
  5. Explore: SDSU Library's OneSearch, the New York Times, and one other Database
  6. Read: Examine the Information Critically 
  7. Read: Use the Information Effectively
  8. Read: Use the Informaiton Ethically
  9. Explore: How to Cite in MLA
  10. Ask [Optional]: Your SDSU Librarian