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Publishing Your Article

Suggestions for the Health Sciences

Scholarly Publishing

This research guide covers the basic steps in getting your research published. Choosing a trustworthy journal, getting through peer-review, and making sure you have the copyrights you want for your paper.

Be sure to check any Funder public access mandates you might need to comply with when choosing a journal or deciding on open access options. 

If you want to publish a book, this guide from University of Michigan can help.


This guide is based on Scholarly Publishing guides from Tufts and University of Michigan


Confusion over authorship and contributions can lead to papers being retracted.

To avoid this, many journals now encourage a CRediT author statement. And every author should be notified and have a chance to review the paper.

CRediT statements should be provided during the submission process and will appear above the acknowledgement section of the published paper (from

Term Definition
Conceptualization Ideas; formulation or evolution of overarching research goals and aims
Methodology Development or design of methodology; creation of models
Software Programming, software development; designing computer programs; implementation of the computer code and supporting algorithms; testing of existing code components
Validation Verification, whether as a part of the activity or separate, of the overall replication/ reproducibility of results/experiments and other research outputs
Formal analysis Application of statistical, mathematical, computational, or other formal techniques to analyze or synthesize study data
Investigation Conducting a research and investigation process, specifically performing the experiments, or data/evidence collection
Resources Provision of study materials, reagents, materials, patients, laboratory samples, animals, instrumentation, computing resources, or other analysis tools
Data Curation Management activities to annotate (produce metadata), scrub data and maintain research data (including software code, where it is necessary for interpreting the data itself) for initial use and later reuse
Writing - Original Draft Preparation, creation and/or presentation of the published work, specifically writing the initial draft (including substantive translation)
Writing - Review & Editing Preparation, creation and/or presentation of the published work by those from the original research group, specifically critical review, commentary or revision – including pre-or postpublication stages
Visualization Preparation, creation and/or presentation of the published work, specifically visualization/ data presentation
Supervision Oversight and leadership responsibility for the research activity planning and execution, including mentorship external to the core team
Project administration Management and coordination responsibility for the research activity planning and execution
Funding acquisition

Acquisition of the financial support for the project leading to this publication