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National Consumer Information (both U.S. and Foreign)

How to find Consumer information for different Topics/Industries and Geographies using eMarketer:

1. Select the country that you are interested in from the "Geographies" drop down option under the search bar.


2. Click either "Topics" or "Industries" within the search limiter options on the left hand side of the page to find reports, charts, and statistics for a variety of consumer topics within your geography.


1. In ABI/INFORM, put pubid(2044556) in a search line, put consumer in a second search line as a title search (see the drop down options), and press search.


2. Use the location filters on the left hand side of the search to search for the country or region that you are interested in researching.


Consumer Profiles by Zip Code

Example Zip Code Profile from Clariats:

Example of North Park in Zip Look up

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