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Creating Company Lists Using Uniworld and ReferenceUSA (from the San Diego Public Library)

Constructing Lists of Multinational Companies with Uniworld


Tip: Get a San Diego Public Library card to construct lists of companies with ReferenceUSA

The San Diego Public Library subscribes to a database called ReferenceUSA that has information on over 10 million businesses in the United States, including credit information, estimated sales, and number of employees. This database can also be used to construct lists of businesses, and up to 250 company records can be exported at a time.

Video Tutorial on Using ReferenceUSA's "U.S. Businesses" database

The librarians at Brooklyn Public Library created a great video explaining how to use this database to construct lists of companies or research individual companies.

Finding Lists of Companies Using Industry Associations, Trade Shows, and Add-Ons

Industry Association Member Directories:

Industry Associations are professional organizations that are dedicated to advancing the interests of a particular industry, and they usually have "member directories" that are freely accessible on their websites. These are typically organized by what type of product or service that the company provides within that industry.

How to search for an Industry Association's Member Directory:

In Google, type in keywords about you industry followed by industry association and "" (which narrows your results to only .org domains). From there, search the website for a member directory.

  • Example Google search: farmers market industry association


Trade Show Exhibitor Lists:

Trade shows are events where buyers and sellers within a particular industry convene to conduct businesses. These conventions also tend to have dedicated websites that have "exhibitor lists." These lists are typically organized by what specific product or service the companies provide within that industry.

How to search for a Trade Show's Exhibitor List:

In Google, type in keywords about you industry followed by industry and trade show. From there, search the website for an "exhibitor list."

  • Example Google search: bar industry trade show

SimilarWeb Browser Add-On:

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